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If you have never eaten Crawfish before, you will encounter a mouth-watering experience that you won't soon forget. All of our free Crawfish recipes are guaranteed to be exceptional and will make your taste buds clamor for more. These Crawfish recipes are simply the best of the best!

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Crawfish are freshwater crustaceans that resemble small lobsters, to which they are related. Approximately 90% of all domestic Crawfish comes from Louisiana and the Crawfish has become the symbol of Cajun culture. Needless to say, Cajuns definitely enjoy eating Crawfish.

Boiling Crawfish has been gaining popularity throughout the country in recent years. Although live Crawfish are not widely available, they can be purchased over the internet and shipped anywhere in the United States. Not only can you purchase live Crawfish, you can also purchase all of the equipment that you will need to have an authentic Cajun Crawfish Boil.

Don't forget to check out our Boiling Crawfish Recipes if you want to really experience some of the best tasting boiled crawfish that can be found. There are probably as many variations for boiling crawfish as there are Cajuns in Louisiana.

You'll find countless Crawfish recipes on the internet, but that does not mean that you'll be completely satisfied with the meal that you have prepared. Our recipes have been used for years and are guaranteed to be absolutely delicious.

There are two variants that can change the taste of our recipes. One is the type of Crawfish that is utilized and the other is the amount of seasoning that you add to the recipe. Although Cajuns like spicy food, some like it hotter than others. Many of our recipes will specify that you should season to taste.

Due to the popularity of Crawfish today, you will find that domestic Crawfish can run as high as $19.95 per pound (depending on supply and demand) for cleaned domestic Crawfish tails (fresh or frozen). There is a tremendous difference in taste between domestic and non-domestic Crawfish. We can't guarantee the outstanding flavor of our recipes if you purchase non-domestic Crawfish.

You will find a recipe for a terrific Cajun seasoning mix that is used in almost all Cajun recipes. You will also find recipes for other Cajun mixes and batters that may be used to fry almost anything you can think of. Add a little kick to your everyday meals with these great recipes. Your family will really appreciate it!

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