5 Star Crawfish Recipes

The Basics
"Boiling Crawfish"

Boiling Crawfish requires a propane tank, a hose with a regulator, a burner, a crawfish pot and a stirring paddle. You'll find several very good recipes for boiling crawfish on our website. With a little preparation and some initial expense... and of course some live crawfish, you'll be able to invite your family and friends over to attend your very first crawfish boil.

If you have never eaten boiled crawfish, you are in for a real treat. Once you acquire a taste for boiled crawfish, you'll never want to do without. Dem mudbugs are sure enough good!

A crawfish pot is not only used for boiling crawfish. It can be used to prepare many other meals, which includes boiled shrimp, boiled crabs, boiled lobster, gumbos, jambalayas and stews. If you will be purchasing a crawfish pot for the first time, make sure that you get one that is the right size for your needs and one that has a full-size perforated basket and a vented lid.

"Aluminum or Stainless Steel"
Crawfish pots are generally made of either aluminum or stainless steel. You will have to decide which composition will best suit your personal needs. Aluminum is a much better conductor of heat than stainless steel, therefore not as likely to create "hot spots" if you are trying to simmer or slow cook a meal. Stainless steel is much more resistant to discoloration and corrosion than aluminum. A stainless steel pot will remain newer looking for a longer period of time.

If you are unsure as to what size pot you should purchase for boiling crawfish, utilize the following table. The size of the pot will depend on the amount of crawfish that you plan to boil at one time. For example, a 60 Quart Crawfish Pot will accommodate 30-35 pounds of crawfish. If you are planning on boiling 60 pounds of crawfish, simply divide your crawfish into equal amounts and boil 30 pounds at a time. That way the crawfish won't have a chance to get cold.

Pot Size Capacity
  60 Quart 30-35 Pounds
  80 Quart 35-45 Pounds
100 Quart 45-60 Pounds
120 Quart 60+ Pounds

You will also want to buy a portable 20-40 lb. propane tank, a high-pressure propane burner plus a hose and an adjustable regulator. Don't forget a stirring paddle. The propane burner should provide enough intense heat so it will cover the entire bottom of your pot with flames and bring a pot half-full of water to a vigorous boil in approximately 15 minutes.

"The Right Amount of Crawfish"
If you're planning to have a crawfish boil you will need to determine how much live crawfish that you'll need to buy. As a rule of thumb, individuals who have never eaten crawfish before will consume 2-3 pounds on average and the crawfish enthusiast will consume about 4-5 pounds. You should figure on 6-7 pounds for very heavy eaters. If you want to make sure that you don't run out, simply use this formula and then add 1 pound of live crawfish per person.

"Crawfish Dipping Sauces"
When boiling crawfish, you'll need to take into consideration that some individuals prefer to dip their peeled crawfish tails in a dipping sauce. Always have mayonnaise, ketchup, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and Tabasco hot sauce available for those individuals who want to make a dipping sauce for their boiled crawfish. It would be a good idea to have two different sauces prepared in advance. Make sure that you check out our great crawfish dipping sauce recipes.

For the most part, Cajuns truly love the flavor of well-seasoned boiled crawfish and would never think twice about using a sauce. Most individuals that eat crawfish for the first time seem to prefer eating them with a good sauce. Regardless of how you eat crawfish, you can't do it wrong!

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