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"Cajun Crab Frying Mix"

Fried Crabs

Our Cajun Crab Frying Mix recipe will make those fried Soft-Shell Crabs taste better then ever. When you make the Cajun Crab Frying Mix you'll always have the option to increase the saltiness or spiciness of the seasoning. If you have never had fried Soft-Shell Crabs, you're in for a real treat.


How to Prepare
"Cajun Crab Frying Mix"

Mixing Bowl

  • Mix all ingredients together.

  • Do a taste test by moistening your finger and tasting the frying mix.

  • If needed, add Cajun seasoning to taste.

    Note: The frying mix should be a little salty and slightly spicy. If the seasoning is salty enough but not spicy enough, simply add a little more red pepper to taste.

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