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"Cajun Frying Batter"

Battered French Fries

Our Cajun Frying Batter is a great batter for french fries, onion rings and seafood. It's a good substitute for a Tempura Batter and is considerably easier to make.

When you think the batter is of the right consistency, coat one of the items that you are going to fry and see if the batter is thick enough. If your batter is too thin, simply add a little more flour... and a little more water if too thick.


How to Prepare
"Cajun Frying Batter"

Mixing Bowl

  • Mix all dry ingredients together.

  • Add a little water at a time and whisk until smooth.

    Note: The next time that you make this batter, add or subtract the amount of red pepper and Cajun seasoning to suit your taste if necessary.

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