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"Cajun Seasoning Mix"

Cajun Seasoning

Cajun Seasoning Mix will change a great recipe into an outstanding one. Perk up any meal with a good Cajun Seasoning Mix. If you have never been exposed to Cajun cuisine, you will really enjoy the enhanced flavor of foods prepared with Cajun seasonings.

Actually a Cajun Seasoning Mix is much easier to use when preparing a meal because so many seasonings are already mixed together. You simply add the Cajun Seasoning Mix to a recipe until it is salty enough. When you are satisfied with the saltiness of the food, the spiciness is automatically taken care of. Don't try to add all of the seasoning at one time. Season your food a little at a time since Cajun seasoning usually takes 15-20 minutes to reach its full potential.


How to Prepare
"Cajun Seasoning Mix"

Mixing Bowl

  • Mix all ingredients together and store in a covered container until needed.

    Note: Use like salt. When the dish is salty enough, the seasoning will be just right.

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