5 Star Crawfish Recipes

"How to Peel Crawfish"

How to Peel Crawfish is an art form that has been developed by true Cajuns over the years. If you really want to learn how to peel crawfish like a Cajun, simply take a look at the slide show below and you will be peeling like an experienced pro in just a few minutes. After you have read the information below the image on "Slide 1" click on the "Next" button to continue.


For those who have never eaten boiled crawfish, you will need to make one more decision before attending your first crawfish boil. There is a small intestinal track running down the back side of a crawfish, which is very similar to that of a boiled shrimp.

If the crawfish were properly boiled, the intestinal tract will be automatically removed when you pinch the tail and remove the meat from the shell... but, this is not always the case.

The majority of Cajuns never pay this any mind. If you wish to remove the intestine prior to eating a crawfish, simply lift up the thin flap of meat on the top-center of the crawfish and discard the intestine. Don't accidentally throw that thin flap of meat away. It's good too!

"Alternative Peeling Method"
After removing the tail from the head of the crawfish, many individuals prefer to use this method to remove crawfish's tail meat from the shell.

  • Turn the crawfish tail over which will expose the bottom of the tail.

  • Slip your finger or thumb under the first couple of segments at the top of the tail.

  • Peel off those segments from the shell which partially exposes the tail meat.

  • With the shell still partially intact, bring the meat to your mouth.

  • Bite down firmly on the meat and pinch the tail while pulling it away from your mouth.

    Note: If you prefer to remove the intestine, simply pinch the tail to remove the meat with your other hand instead of biting down on the tail to remove it from the shell.
"Don't Forget the Claws"
Many individuals that eat boiled crawfish seem to forget that there's tasty meat in the claws. If the claws are at least half the size of the crawfish's head, carefully pull out the flexible pincher on each claw to salvage the meat that's hidden inside. Ignore the small crawfish since there isn't enough meat in the claws to worry about. Enjoy!

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